Artistic Solution

With the growing demand for new artistic tools, Aerosol Artist around the world can now share a common dream. "The world is your canvas"

About Us

Created in 2003, Blubber Colors™ has worked hard on refining our latest products to ensure maximum potential while retaining affordability for aspiring aerosol artists.
Today, Blubber Colors™ remains a large supporter of the aerosol art movement & continues to take pride in introducing our 2nd Edition “Magic” paint line with no compromises. Finally a solution we know everyone will enjoy & be sure to engage on your next aerosol art project.

Blubber Colors™ aerosol art spray paint can be used for more than just decorating your home furniture and household surfaces. Here at Blubber Colors™ we have leaped over obstacles to bring you one of the finest creative tools for interior/exterior mural and gallery canvas aerosol art.

Blubber Colors™ is America’s 1st spray paint made by artists for artists complete with a wide selection of customizable spray tips the adjust to your paint needs.

Our low-pressure valve system allows smooth coverage while assuring durability in all weather conditions. Blubber Colors™ spray paint uses long lasting light fast pigments to ensure maximum reliability and protection from UV exposure that can lead to fading and damaging your artwork.

The newly Blubber Colors™ aerosol paint products have kept the artist in mind. We would like to thank all the international aerosol artists who have helped spread the magic in making B.C America’s premium brand of aerosol spray paint for artistic application.

For more information about carrying our products in your local art supply store email us at to recieve our latest PDF catalog.